Bury Farm Pool

Pool Information

Main pool 12.5m x 4m
Average pool temp 32C
Depth: 1.0m – 1.5m

The house is located as you drive out of Burridge, with the community centre on your left-hand side. You will approach a sharp bend; at this bend you will need to start indicating to go right at the traffic light and onto Bluebell way. You will then need to take first right onto Brunel Way and bare to the left and then take the first right turn onto Bury Farm Road, follow the road to the house.

Entrance to the building

Drive past the house and park; you will find the entrance to the pool in the detached building next to the house.

Meeting Point

Please meet your teacher by the side of the pool. Access is through the changing rooms and back towards the pool.

Viewing point

There is limited space at the poolside for parents to watch lessons. Please ensure you keep noise to a minimum, and that you take your shoes off as you arrive. There is a limit of one parent per child at the poolside viewing area.


There is ample parking at the Burridge Pool site. Please park with care since this is a private house pool.

Other information

Please ensure that you respect the owner’s property. Children not attending lessons are asked not to run around the poolside or outside the house. Please also note that we aren’t able to accommodate push chairs at the poolside or in the building.

Changing rooms

As you walk in the main door and remove your shoes, the changing room is the first door on your right-hand side. Please note: children aged nine and over must use the changing room appropriate to their sex.

Pool location

Burridge Pool
Bury Farmhouse
Bury Farm Road
PO15 7PU

Telephone: 02380 614078


Babies & Toddlers