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Helping Your Baby or Child Swim

Taking your young child in a pool for the first time needn’t be a daunting time for a parent. Not only is it an opportunity for memories, but it should also be great fun! We’ve laid out a few tips for your little first-time swimmer, to help you make the most of the pool and

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Benefits to Intensive Courses

Intensive courses are considered by some to add extra pressure to the learning process, with their busy schedules and fast education system. But we believe that there are so many positives in intensive learning and the results will speak for themselves. We have compiled a few reasons as to why we think that the intensive

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Improving Confidence In Young Swimmers

Improving confidence in your little one in the pool can be a tough act to get right. Ultimately it is important for them to feel comfortable and set themselves up for a long future enjoying water, so we have provided some tips to help! Use of noodles Using a noodle/woggle is something which really helps

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