Swimming is a fantastic all-round activity that builds fitness and strength in a gentle and absorbing way. It’s also great for developing confidence and new life skills. Our members include a number of young people with learning difficulties, including autism, Asperger’s and Down’s, and we are always keen to go the extra mile to help them feel settled and comfortable here. Often this involves talking to parents in advance about their children’s needs. We can provide photos of the pool and their teacher for any ‘social stories’ or visual storyboards you might be working with, for example. You may also like to talk to us about the best way to communicate with your child during the lessons, or whether they have any particular fears or anxieties that we should know about. Though we can’t provide additional assistance in the pools, our lessons can also accommodate children with certain physical disabilities, epilepsy and post-operative conditions. Again, please speak to the team and we will be very happy to talk through the available options.

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