Private lessons

Private Lessons give your child the opportunity to receive intensive, close-up supervision from a teacher. There are lots of reasons why they might benefit from them. Some children feel nervous around water and need help with their confidence. Others just want a head start before they start their full programme of lessons. We also have a growing number of homeschooled children who join us as part of their regular school day. 

Private sessions can also be helpful for honing a specific skill or swimming technique. Perhaps your child is struggling with their breathing routine in front crawl, or with kicking on their back crawl, or even with their diving. A tailored lesson gives them the time and space to work through the issue with their teacher.

We usually recommend Private Lessons for a limited period rather than on an ongoing basis, simply because, in the long run, children learn best when they’re with their peers. But for one-off sessions and short-course boosters, they can be an excellent way to grow your child’s confidence. 

Private Lessons are available in these locations, and you can arrange them either as a one-to-one or a session with another child (generally of a similar ability). There are discounts for block bookings. To find out about availability, call the team on 0238 0614 078.

 Where to book a Private Lesson:

To book, call us on 02380 614 078

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