Our swimming classes for children are aimed at little people from Reception age up (three years +). There are lessons to suit every ability, whether your child has been with us from the earliest stage or has started school and is stepping into the water for the first time. Some youngsters stay with us into their teens to train for competitive swimming.

To begin with, our focus is on keeping kids safe – so they’ll learn how to float, tread water and reach the side of the pool. Over time, as their confidence grows, we carefully build up their strokes and improve their strength and technique. A typical lesson will start with stroke work and end with a contrasting activity like jumping into the pool or diving to pick up hoops. As they get older, we also teach them essential lifesaving skills.

The important thing is that children are able to move at their own pace. Every swimmer develops in a different way, so we focus on the individual and only move them on to the next stage when they’re ready. At the end of every Christmas, Easter and Summer Term, your child will receive a personal report explaining how they’ve done throughout the term. If they’ve gained an award, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase a badge and certificate in the Academy shop. We follow the excellent STA awards for our achievement scheme.

Lessons are available at these Pools:

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