Adult classes

The Swim School Academy isn’t just for children! We also run a series of very popular programmes for adults.

There really is no limit to what you can cover in these classes. Some people join us because they’re learning to swim for the first time. Others are highly experienced swimmers who want to practise and improve their techniques, with support from our expert tutors. Many people come to us when they’re training for an event, such as a triathlon or an open water or iron man competition.

If you used to swim in earlier life but have since fallen out of the habit, you’ll be in good company too. Many of our regular morning swimmers are here to rediscover their love of swimming, or to re-learn key skills they’ve forgotten over the years. Others come to the Academy because they want to work on a particular technique, or to prep for a diving or scuba holiday. Or because they just want to do some gentle exercise under the supervision of a teacher.

Adult Classes usually take place during the daytime or early evenings. You can either join one of our existing sessions (class sizes are usually three to four people), or you can book a one-to-one session with a tutor. Call the team on 0238 0614 078 to explain your requirements and to see what’s available, or use our online form and we’ll be back in touch as soon as possible.

To book, call us on 02380 614 078

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