Joe Davies

Joe’s Story – From learning to becoming a teacher helper

Joe Davies started learning how to swim with the Swim School Academy at the age of 4 and has now gone on to become one of our teacher helpers!

We asked him all about being a teacher helper and here is what he had to say.

What is your swimming history?

I swam for 4 years up until I was 8 years old when my love of football took over. I became a very confident swimmer and swam with people 2 to 3 years older than me.

What do you enjoy about swimming?

I enjoyed the fact that I could learn at my own pace, but also be challenged.

What challenges if any have you faced throughout your swimming journey?

I had to overcome the fear of the deeper pools (especially when I moved from LB to Andark). I soon realised it wasn’t anything to worry about and it just made me more confident.

Has swimming helped in other areas of your life?

I have learnt a lot after developing to learn with direct instructions. Normally I would be the youngest in the group so socialising with older kids was easier too. It made me more confident in other sports (football and running) as I was a fast swimmer.

What is the best part of teaching children to swim?

The best thing about helping to teach children is that I have been in their position. I know what it was like and I really appreciated the support and guidance the teachers gave me. They are also great fun and love splashing me!

Why do you like working with Swim School Academy?

I feel very comfortable working with the Swim School Academy, and I can be myself. It is a very friendly environment and my colleagues are really supportive. I like to work hard in a professional setting but also have a level of fun too.

Do you have any top tips for children learning to swim?

  1. Listen carefully to the teachers – I know it sounds like we are telling you the same thing, but trust me, it is worth it.
  2. Try your best – that’s all we can ask. It is so rewarding to see how the children progress over time.
  3. Enjoy! – We want the children to not only learn but enjoy the lessons 

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