Improving Confidence In Young Swimmers

Improving confidence in your little one in the pool can be a tough act to get right. Ultimately it is important for them to feel comfortable and set themselves up for a long future enjoying water, so we have provided some tips to help!

Use of noodles

Using a noodle/woggle is something which really helps young children have fun in the water when they first start. It gets the children thinking about kicking in the water which will help their swimming ability, even if it gets the parents splashed a lot in the process! We do not recommend the use of inflatables i.e. arm bands and rubber rings as they often inhibit a child’s confidence and stop them getting used to the water naturally.

Play some games

There are many things children love, but playing games is always near the top of the list! Help them realise that the pool is nothing to be afraid of by taking their minds off the water and playing with them. Using toys or noodles, they will quickly become at peace with the water and be focused on enjoying the fun.

When they’re ready, show them the deep end!

Whilst the temptation would be to stay in the shallow end, most children will tend to want to wander towards the deep end once they are confident enough. As long as they are being watched (and are age appropriate) then they should be allowed to gain confidence with the odd venture towards the deep end.

Have some fun and enjoy yourself!

Finally, the most important and easiest way to help children gain confidence in the pool is to show them how fun it can be! Splashing and smiling in the pool with your young children will help make them realise there is nothing to worry about in the water. Once they’re enjoying themselves, the learning is easy!

If you’re interested in what courses we can offer to help your child gain confidence in the pool, then contact us on 02380614078.

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