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FAQs – Returning to swimming

Please note that this guidance is based on available information at this time, and will be a living document, which we will continually update as and when new information is confirmed by the government. It is worth noting, that there will be ‘no one size fits all’ COVID-19, solutions, and different venues will have different actions to be taken.

The Pool Water Treatment and Advisory Group (PWTAG) has consulted with Public Health England who have told us: “Our national leads have confirmed that coronavirus would be inactivated at the levels of chlorine used in swimming pools.”

The current requirements as stated by the Government are:

  • Social distancing must be observed throughout the whole process, from entry to the swimming pool facility, changing rooms, post swim changing and exiting the facility
  •  All people must be 2 metres apart, excluding same household members
  • Inform parents / guardians and swimmers that if they or a member of their household have a cold, fever, anosmia or any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 they are not to enter the swimming facility or attend swimming lessons. They should self-isolate for two weeks, therefore, are not permitted to attend swimming lessons for two weeks.

The lessons stopped before the course I already paid for finished. What happens to cancelled lessons?

Any cancelled lessons have been put as a credit on your child’s record. If you paid by direct debit for the next course, these have automatically come off the price of the next course. If you didn’t re-book, the credit will be available for you to use against any future courses, in the next 12 months.

Is it safe to come back to swimming?

Yes, the Chlorine in the pool “will kill any virus that is in the pool” PWTAG (Pool Water Treatment Advisory group).

How will swimming lessons be different?

They will be slightly different, please try to maintain social distancing and use common sense. We will still have teachers in the pool, and they will assist your child using measures that will keep everyone safe. Teachers will be assisting where possible, if we need to hold your child, we will make sure we are facing the same direction as them to avoid face to face contact.

What will I expect when I come to future lessons?

  • Strictly one adult per child in pool/changing area.
  • A reduced number of swimmers will be allowed in the pool at once
  • Entry and exit to the pool area may vary to allow for social distancing, so please follow signs and guidance given
  • Swimmers may be spaced out within the lesson to ensure safe distancing
  • Teachers will still teach in the pool, but will avoid (where possible), face to face with children

What will I need to do when I arrive at the pool?

  • Only arrive 5 minutes before the lessons begins. Please do not be late, as you may have to wait to enter the lesson to avoid cross over.
  • Everyone should wash hands/ use hand sanitiser (where provided) on entry.
  • Swimmers will be asked to come to the pool ready (already in swimsuit).
  • Please make sure your child has used the toilet before arriving, so avoid too many people using the toilet areas.
  • Changing rooms will only be available to swimmers exiting the pool, and social distancing needs to be adhered to where possible, i.e using cubicles where available.
  • Swimmers must shower off before entering the pool
  • Wipe down benches after use in the changing rooms

Can I use the changing rooms?

We would prefer if you came already changed to the lessons, so we can use the changing rooms for those who are leaving the pool. Please use cubicles if available and wipe the benches down when you have finished with the provided wipes.

Will the shower be available?

Only for people entering the pool, everyone getting in the water should shower as this washes off all the Organic matter (dirt) which will allow the Chlorine in the pool to Kill any virus in the pool straight away.

Can I still watch my child’s swimming lessons?

Yes of course you can, but we are asking parents if your child does not need you in the pool area to wait outside and not watch every week if you can. For those children that are nervous then please go to poolside and watch. Please only 1 Adult per family on poolside.

How many children will be in a lesson?

Lessons and crash course throughout the summer will have no more than 3 children in a class

When will the swim course I have booked into commence?

We are hopeful all of our weekly courses can start again in September. We will be guided by Government guidelines as to how we are able to do this. Some pools may not be able to open straight away, but we will be keeping our website up-to-date with the latest information when we get it. Also, our Facebook page will have regular updates, and all current customers will get up-to-date emails.

My child has fallen behind with swimming and lost confidence.

All our teachers will take things slowly, ensuring they re-visit basic skills to re-build confidence. Teachers will be aware that children have been unable to swim for a long period of time and will therefore go at your child pace.


Teachers will assume all swimmers to be in good health, and not been in contact with anyone who has been unwell or been showing signs. If you child or anyone in the family has started showing signs, you must not attend swimming, and self-isolate for 14days in accordance with the Government guidelines. Please do not bring anyone swimming who has a temperature, or who has been unwell.

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