Benefits to Intensive Courses

Intensive courses are considered by some to add extra pressure to the learning process, with their busy schedules and fast education system. But we believe that there are so many positives in intensive learning and the results will speak for themselves. We have compiled a few reasons as to why we think that the intensive courses we provide can help make your little one a solid swimmer in no time at all!

Confidence Building

As with all children of a young age, half of the battle is getting them in to the pool and comfortable in the first place. With confidence building measures, some of which are outlined in a blog written by us, the child can learn quickly that the pool is nothing to fear. Intensive sessions allow for them to quickly warm to the water and will boost their confidence immediately, making the most of the lessons in quick succession.

Sense of Achievement

Whilst they will always feel a sense of achievement when succeeding in swimming, children can look forward to a positive feeling every day when they take the next step in their respective journeys. It is beneficial for them to feel as though they are moving forwards and learning every day and will feel achievement at the end of the course when they are confident in the water.

The Learning Process

The students will be fully assisted in all of the basic elements of swimming, and this continuity will help them build upon what they learned in their last sessions allowing for further progression at a quicker rate. With our course of five lessons in a week, it helps those who are not committed to a lesson a week and want to learn as quick as they can. Nothing beats getting in the water and gaining confidence, and this frequent reinforcement method will help them retain the key concepts needed to learn how to swim!

If you’re interested in what courses we can offer to help your child learn to swim over the Easter Holidays, then contact us or call 02380614078 for more information!

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