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  • Fri 31st July 2015

    David Launder

    I took my son, Dexter, to Abshot country club for a summer holiday intensive course. He was taught by Debbie, who was strict but fun, and he is now so excited about going for a swim at some point in the...

  • Thu 18th September 2014

    Rachel James

    Amazing my little girl was so nervous of the water and Debbie has been brilliant and really helped her. she now swims with a Swimfin and is so Happy in the water. what a difference.


  • Sun 23rd February 2014

    N Ainscough - N/A

    My 3 children have all learnt to swim through Aaron and the team. Starting as none swimmers they have developed water confidence from an early age. My youngest, now 4 swims happily and I feel safe knowing...

  • Sun 18th August 2013

    Katy Simmons

    My son was scared of the water, but he did a week crash course and now he is so confident! He asks to go swimming everyday!!! I never thought I would see the day... Thank you swim academy

  • Fri 17th February 2012

    Emilie McKinnon

    Both my children have swimming lessons here... The classes are small and the teachers are amazing! They both attended 1 on 1 lessons in the half term and have improved so much x

  • Sun 22nd January 2012

    Miss Chong

    All trainers give good support and teach effectively. Thank you

  • Tue 10th January 2012

    Miss Nicholls

    My daughter had her very first swimming lesson at the age of just 9 weeks old and enjoyed every minute of it. I was nervous to begin with at the thought of her being so young and in the water, but the...

  • Mon 17th October 2011

    Mrs D Pepperell

    One of the best things I did was send my daughter to swimming lessons at Swim School Academy. The teachers are very encouraging and could see her potential - my daughter became very confident to the point...

  • Fri 10th June 2011

    Mrs A Williams

    The Little Swim Academy provides babies and toddler with a safe, loving and fun environment so that they gain confidence and skills in the water which most people don’t believe is possible.  Our...

  • Fri 10th June 2011

    Mrs P Parkes

    I find the classes are very professional but also friendly and genuinely fun.  Our water session has given both myself and my baby the confidence to really enjoy our time in the pool together...

  • Thu 22nd July 2010

    Dr A Sargent

    One of the best things I ever did with my son was swimming lessons, we started when he was a few months old and with we are still as enthusiastic over 2 years later.  The lessons are fun, the teacher...

  • Wed 3rd March 2010

    Mr A Robins

    We are completely amazed as our daughter is able to swim 25m and she is only 4 years old.  We started swimming with her from a baby and she has always loved the water.  When she was old enough she...

  • Wed 3rd March 2010

    Mr M Davis

    After numerous mediocre swimming lessons & courses, swim school academy has given our daughters the chance to learn to swim and develop their confidence in the water in what we consider to be the best...

  • Fri 26th February 2010

    Mrs E Keefe

    Sophie's face lights up when I tell her we have swimming in the morning. She has gained a valuable skill and we have both gained firm friends in our swim group.

  • Tue 2nd February 2010

    Mrs P Aldridge

    My experience has been a very positive one, my little boy and I cannot wait every week for his swimming lesson. The teachers are fab and make it a fun, enjoyable experience for both...

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Amazing my little girl was so nervous of the...
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