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  • Thu 24th August 2017

    Simon wallis

    My daughter Amy (6) has just completed a 2 week course at SSA Hounsdown. She has made excellent progress and can now get in and out of the pool unaided , is now comfortable getting her head underwater and...

  • Fri 11th August 2017


    My 3y and 6yr old have just completed a crash course with Hannah at treetops. My 3 yr old was so scared, to the point she wouldnt get in the pool but Hannah was so patient and great with her! By the end of...

  • Mon 7th August 2017

    Lou Cleary

    Blake totally enjoyed his wk of lesssons and made such a lot of progress. He's gone from being a non swimmer to swimming confidently. Thankyou so much. Great teachers, really encouraging to watch and...

  • Sat 5th August 2017

    Lorraine Instrell

    My daughter had Hollie at Bitterne this week for the crash course.
    All I can say is FAB. My daughter gained so much confidence during the week and watching her made me really proud of what she...

  • Mon 17th July 2017

    Natalie Buston

    My daughter started swimming with Swim School Academy at the age of 2 fifteen months ago. She has made so much progress and her confidence in the water (including awareness and knowledge of safety) has...

  • Fri 12th August 2016

    Nicola Fernandez-Law

    My two children have just finished two weeks intensive swimming lessons with Debbie and Katherine. I cannot speak highly enough of both teachers. They have shown such patience, humour and encouragement. My...

  • Tue 1st March 2016

    David Moss

    My two children have been swimming in term time every Saturday for 4 years and they have achieved a lot...my daughter is autistic and this company have treated her so well that she can do basic swimming and...

  • Tue 19th January 2016

    Mrs C Kirkby

    My 2 year old and 5 year old sons absolutely love swimming and are so confident in the water. They have been at little swim academy since they were babies and the teachers have been superb - making lessons...

  • Fri 25th September 2015

    Amy Salmon

    My 5 year old has been swimming with Swim School for a year and is making great progress.
    My 3 year old started in March swimming with Aaron, by the summer holidays she could swim and had just gone...

  • Fri 28th August 2015

    Sharon Manning

    Tree Tops Swimming Pool - 1 week crash course with saskia . My little girl is nearly four and saskia has made her feel a million dollars starting the week a bit unsure to having the confidence to jump into...

  • Mon 10th August 2015

    Gary Dowling

    My son has just finished a 1 week swimming course as in a 1 on 1. The young lady called Sophie ( i believe ) was so patient with my son. He was afraid of the water after falling into a pool some time ago....

  • Fri 31st July 2015

    David Launder

    I took my son, Dexter, to Abshot country club for a summer holiday intensive course. He was taught by Debbie, who was strict but fun, and he is now so excited about going for a swim at some point in the...

  • Thu 18th September 2014

    Rachel James

    Amazing my little girl was so nervous of the water and Debbie has been brilliant and really helped her. she now swims with a Swimfin and is so Happy in the water. what a difference.


  • Sun 23rd February 2014

    N Ainscough - N/A

    My 3 children have all learnt to swim through Aaron and the team. Starting as none swimmers they have developed water confidence from an early age. My youngest, now 4 swims happily and I feel safe knowing...

  • Sun 18th August 2013

    Katy Simmons

    My son was scared of the water, but he did a week crash course and now he is so confident! He asks to go swimming everyday!!! I never thought I would see the day... Thank you swim academy

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My son was scared of the water, but he did a week...
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