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  • Fri 12th April 2019


    A big thank you to Danni and Jacob Houndsdown pool Easter crash course sessions. My grandaughter was particularly worried but you both were patient and professional ensuring she did not give up and still...

  • Wed 4th April 2018


    We just wanted to say a big thank you for a superb first 1:1 swimming lesson at Bury Farm Pool yesterday.  Sam was an...

  • Fri 23rd March 2018

    jayne hawkins

    Would like to say a big thank you to Debbie who taught our daughter Teona to swim a few years back. Teona was scared of the water and wouldn't dream of putting her head under, Now she is so confident and...

  • Fri 2nd February 2018

    T Ashby

    Dear so called 'Swim School Academy' id like to complain about my daughters swimming lessons. My daughter (8months old) has no fear of water, and has started to splash me at bath time. Today I was soaked to...

  • Thu 24th August 2017

    Simon wallis

    My daughter Amy (6) has just completed a 2 week course at SSA Hounsdown. She has made excellent progress and can now get in and out of the pool unaided , is now comfortable getting her head underwater and...

  • Fri 11th August 2017


    My 3y and 6yr old have just completed a crash course with Hannah at treetops. My 3 yr old was so scared, to the point she wouldnt get in the pool but Hannah was so patient and great with her! By the end of...

  • Mon 7th August 2017

    Lou Cleary

    Blake totally enjoyed his wk of lesssons and made such a lot of progress. He's gone from being a non swimmer to swimming confidently. Thankyou so much. Great teachers, really encouraging to watch and...

  • Sat 5th August 2017

    Lorraine Instrell

    My daughter had Hollie at Bitterne this week for the crash course.
    All I can say is FAB. My daughter gained so much confidence during the week and watching her made me really proud of what she...

  • Mon 17th July 2017

    Natalie Buston

    My daughter started swimming with Swim School Academy at the age of 2 fifteen months ago. She has made so much progress and her confidence in the water (including awareness and knowledge of safety) has...

  • Fri 12th August 2016

    Nicola Fernandez-Law

    My two children have just finished two weeks intensive swimming lessons with Debbie and Katherine. I cannot speak highly enough of both teachers. They have shown such patience, humour and encouragement. My...

  • Tue 1st March 2016

    David Moss

    My two children have been swimming in term time every Saturday for 4 years and they have achieved a lot...my daughter is autistic and this company have treated her so well that she can do basic swimming and...

  • Tue 19th January 2016

    Mrs C Kirkby

    My 2 year old and 5 year old sons absolutely love swimming and are so confident in the water. They have been at little swim academy since they were babies and the teachers have been superb - making lessons...

  • Fri 25th September 2015

    Amy Salmon

    My 5 year old has been swimming with Swim School for a year and is making great progress.
    My 3 year old started in March swimming with Aaron, by the summer holidays she could swim and had just gone...

  • Fri 28th August 2015

    Sharon Manning

    Tree Tops Swimming Pool - 1 week crash course with saskia . My little girl is nearly four and saskia has made her feel a million dollars starting the week a bit unsure to having the confidence to jump into...

  • Mon 10th August 2015

    Gary Dowling

    My son has just finished a 1 week swimming course as in a 1 on 1. The young lady called Sophie ( i believe ) was so patient with my son. He was afraid of the water after falling into a pool some time ago....

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