Splash Board Shorts (Set Sail Board Shorts) / Happy Nappy

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Designed for little boys who want to be BIG boys, gorgeous Set Sail Board shorts (SPF50+) and best of all, discreetly incorporating the UK's top-selling reusable swim nappy, the Happy Nappy!

There comes a time when your little one wants to be all grown up, and having to wear a nappy for swimming doesn't quite feel all that big and grown up…but without one, mum, dad and especially the swimming teacher feel ever so slightly anxious about letting accidents into the pool.
Well now Splash About has it covered - literally! 
Little boys can look like big boys and still have added anti-leak protection in and out of the water. The Splash About design team has incorporated the Happy Nappy into cute little Set Sail shorts. Made from the highest quality SPF 50+ fabric, being protected in the water has never looked so good.


A little bit about The Happy Nappy 
It seems only yesterday that Splash About invented the first ever neoprene swim nappy, The Happy Nappy. We’re now almost 10 years down the line and still to this day, we remain the world’s market leader, and most trusted brand for this award winning swim nappy! We’re pretty proud of that fact. Recommended and insisted upon by UK Swim Schools, our neo nappy; The Happy Nappy, is the most essential item in your baby swim kit. Made of 1mm premium quality neoprene and finished with snug fitting, deep bands of fabric with a high rubber content (to keep all nasties inside and ensure a leak-free swim); The Happy Nappy can be worn with or without a disposable swim nappy (though a liner is advised for cleaning). Better still, care of your Happy Nappy couldn't be simpler: after use simply Rinse, Roll and Reuse!

The Happy Nappy Board Shorts are accepted by most swim schools, however please do check with yours.

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