Babies & Toddlers

Babies & Toddlers
The Little Swim Academy provides a fabulous early introduction to the water, for your little ones. Be taught how to teacher your little one how to swim.  

At The Little Swim Academy, we work with babies and toddlers, introducing them gently to the joy of the water whilst teaching important water safety skills. We welcome babies from 4 weeks old as children this young have a natural affinity with water and we can build on their innate swimming reflexes. If you are joining our classes with a child under 3 years, you or a suitable guardian will be accompanying them in the water and growing in confidence together as you follow their every splash of development and success. At Little Swim Academy we have developed a programme that combines our specialist baby and toddler programme with the Amatuer Swimming Association (ASA) Ducklings awards. We work at your baby’s pace, introducing essential building blocks for future swimming skills as well as essential safety skills: returning to the side, holding on, floating on back and, above all, confidence in the water.

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Babies & Toddlers we can offer:

  • Parent & Baby swimming
  • Parent & Toddler swimming


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