Bronze Swimmer

Bronze Swimmer
Bronze Swimmer

Advanced 1

1. Swim 200 metres within 6 minutes, using a recognised competitive stroke

2. Swim 50 metres in 70 seconds

3. Swim 6 widths, performing front and back tumble turns

4. Swim 3 widths of breaststroke, performing two-handed turns and a finish

5. Swim 3 widths of butterfly, performing two-handed turns and a finish

6. Swim 4 x 3 widths individual medley with correct turns and finishes

7. Perform a front and a back somersault

8. Scull 15 metres head first and 15 metres feet first

9. Tread water, using eggbeater leg action, for 1 minute

10. Swim 25 metres of polo crawl with a ball, showing control, keeping the ball just in front of the head OR synchronising with another, swim 10 metres of breaststroke and 10 metres of back crawl

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