Goldfish 3

Goldfish 3
Goldfish 3

Beginners 2

  • Answer two water safety questions.
  • Perform two different types of entries and tread water for 15 seconds each time; performed in shoulder deep water.
  • Swim 15 metres backstroke.
  • Swim 15 metres of a recognised front stroke; pupil’s choice.
  • Swim 10 metres holding a float under each arm using life saving backstroke leg kick.
  • Swim 5 metres dolphin leg kick on front or back.
  • Push and glide on the surface, pike sharply and assume a handstand with both hands on the bottom of the pool.; performed in chest deep water.
  • Perform a horizontal float and hold for 5 seconds roll on to the front hold for 5 seconds, roll to the original back float position and hold for 5 seconds.

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