Superstar STAnely

Superstar STAnely
Superstar STAnely

Beginners 1

1. Answer 4 water safety questions

2. Push and glide into a confident 10-metre swim

3. From a push and glide or swim, travel through a submerged hoop, retrieve an object, and return to poolside

4. Use a float and kick on the front to collect 4 floating objects that are scattered around the pool. Return to poolside

5. Swim 2 metres on back, rolling over horizontally to swim 2 metres on front, rolling over horizontally to finish with a back star float

6. Push and glide from poolside on the back and kick for 2 metres, tuck up and roll forward to swim back to poolside

7. Kick for 5 metres on the back, balancing a toy on a float

8. Jump into the water, swim to a raft (play raft) and climb onto it to sit down

9. Jump into the water, tread water while turning around, swim back to poolside

10. Exit the pool safely – over the poolside if possible or as the pool environment dictates – leave poolside safely

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