STAnley 6

STAnley 6
STAnley 6

Beginners 1

    1. Answer 2 water safety questions


    2. Push and glide on the back, arms by side, and ears in water


    3. Swim through a submerged hoop


    4. Swim 3 metres on front using a breaststroke type leg action,

    holding 2 floats or woggle


    5. Swim 2 metres on the front and 2 metres back, paddle with a smooth transition in between (log roll)


    6. Step, star or pencil jump into the pool, tread water then return to poolside


    7. Hold the side of the pool and push off on the side under water


    8. Swim on the front, tuck up and return swimming on the back


    9. Swim 5 metres of either front crawl or back crawl


    10. Scull forwards, backwards or in a circle, using a woggle

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