STAnley 3

STAnley 3
STAnley 3


    1. Answer a question on poolside safety rules


    2. Enter the water from poolside, move forward 1 metre, then return and exit the pool unassisted


    3. Blow bubbles into the water with face submerged


    4. Perform a star float while on the back and regain the feet


    5. Move through the water while on the back, using an

    alternating leg action for 5 metres


    6. Use a front paddle action to move through the water for 5 metres on the front


    7. Complete a 360° turntable with feet off the pool floor


    8. Roll from back to front and back onto the back


    9. Jump or step into the water from poolside with hand support from a swimming teacher or assistant


    10. Show treading water action with legs on woggle – (seahorses)

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