About the Swim School Academy

At The Swim School Academy we aim for your child to develop confidence in the water through a programme that makes swimming exciting and enjoyable whilst developing skills for life. We recognise that all children develop at different speeds and at different ages and our teachers will ensure that the programme is right for them at their particular stage of development.

We only recruit the highest quality teachers at The Swim School Academy, who are able to deliver our swimming program to the standard that we believe you deserve. Our teachers are energetic and passionate about swimming and are Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) or Swimming Teachers Association (STA) qualified. Here at the Swim School Academy, we are proud to work in association with these leading professional swimming bodies.

The Swim School Academy is a family run business, founded in 2007, and family is at the centre of everything that we do. We want your child’s time with the Swim School Academy to be fun and informative; an eagerly anticipated weekly activity for you and your child.

At Little Swim Academy, we work with babies and toddlers, introducing them gently to the joy of the water whilst teaching important water safety skills. We welcome babies from 4 weeks old as children this young have a natural affinity with water and we can build on their innate swimming reflexes. If you are joining our classes with a child under 3 years, you or a suitable guardian will be accompanying them in the water and growing in confidence together as you follow their every splash of development and success. At Little Swim academy we have developed a programme that combines our specialist baby and toddler programme with the Ametuer Swimming Association (ASA) Ducklings awards. We work at your baby’s pace, introducing essential building blocks for future swimming skills as well as essential safety skills: returning to the side, holding on, floating on back and, above all, confidence in the water.

Once 3 years old, until pre-competition age, your child will attend the Swim School Academy, where they will be in the water independently continuing to build on water confidence. Your child will follow a programme developed in house that combines the STA and ASA nationally recognised awards. Our scheme is personalised to suit your child’s growing ability and motivation, progressing through a scheme that works with a combination of stroke technique and life saving skills.




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